St. Catharine – St. Margaret Parish Strategic Plan 2017 – An Update from the Parish Pastoral Council

Fr. Cullen and the Parish Pastoral Council held 2 Town Hall meetings with the parish community on January 25th and February 1st, respectively at St. Catharine School.  More than 55 parishioners attended the meetings, providing the Parish Pastoral Council with valuable input on both our strengths and challenges for the future as well as a number of actionable ideas to consider as we work together to create a new and vibrant Strategic Plan for our parish.

During the 1st Town Hall on January 25th, Fr. Cullen provided an overview of the parish, including specific data on the breadth and depth of our parish, the age and geographic composition of the parish, sacramental statistics for the year 2015, and other relevant parish data (e.g., our 28 parish ministries, the CCD Program, our renewed focus on Youth Programs, and some of the other new initiatives undertaken during the past two years).  Pastoral Council member Dr. Jack V. Kirnan then provided an overview of the strategic planning process that is now underway, providing specific detail on the major elements that would be included in the new Strategic Plan when it is announced in June 2017, including: 1) a potentially revised Parish Mission Statement; 2) new Statements on our Parish Vision and Parish Core Values; 3) the specific Challenges and Needs of the Parish (i.e., areas of Pastoral Focus) that will be addressed in the new Plan; 4) the specific Goals and Action Plans that will address each of the targeted challenges and needs identified in the Plan; and, 5) the specific Timelines, Accountabilities and Deliverables for each of the specific challenges and needs laid out in the Plan.

Parishioners were then asked to form 6 Break Out Teams where they shared their insights on what our greatest strengths were as a parish as well as our biggest challenges for the future.  The Break Out Teams identified more than 12 challenges, but a broad consensus quickly emerged centering on 4 key challenges for our future: 1) Youth Involvement; 2) Hospitality & Community; 3) Technology and the Use of Data; and, 4) Communications (Social Media), Marketing, and Advertising.

During the 2nd Town Hall on February 1st, parishioners once again formed 6 Break Out Teams where each Team was asked to identify specific goals for each of the 4 Challenge areas noted above along with specific actions that could be undertaken in support of each goal.  The ensuing group discussion of each Team’s insights was particularly illuminating as many of the goals and action steps offered for each of the 4 Challenge areas enjoyed broad consensus among the 6 Break Out Teams.  During the next few months, the Parish Pastoral Council will be reviewing all input and feedback received to date – i.e., from the Town Hall meetings, our 28 Parish ministries, our Snowbird families, and the survey results obtained from the February 2016 Faith in Our Future questionnaire.  We are now in the process of creating a Strategic Plan Template that will serve as a road map to completing the new Parish Strategic Plan by our target launch date of June 2017.

We will be posting frequent updates on our progress towards completing the new Strategic Plan in both the Parish Bulletin as well as on the Parish website where we have created a special web page Strategic Plan 2017 that includes several documents, including meeting summaries as well as the specific materials from the 2 Town Hall meetings.  (see below)

The Pastoral Council welcomes your continued input throughout the strategic planning process.   Please feel free to send an email to Jack Kirnan of the Pastoral Council at

St. Catharine – St. Margaret Parish Pastoral Council

Documents from the Strategic Planning Town Hall Meetings

January 25th Meeting Summary

January 25th Slide Presentation

February 1st Meeting Summary

February 1st Slide Presentation

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