Mary’s Child Pro-Life Ministry

Mary’s Child Pro-Life Ministry consists of members from the parishes of; St. Catharine- St. Margaret, St. Rose, St. Denis, St. Marks, St. Elizabeth and Holy Innocents.

Mission Statement

Mary’s Child Pro-Life Ministry agrees with the Catholic Church that the right to life is the first and most fundamental principle of human rights. As a gift from God, every human life is sacred from conception to natural death. The life and dignity of every person must be respected and protected at every stage and in every condition, and it is our goal to affirm, educate and participate in that defense of human life, particularly from the evils of abortion and euthanasia.

Belief Statements

Being “pro-life” involves a great deal more than a defense of the unborn child, though it certainly needs to start there.

We believe in the power of prayer, particularly the Rosary. The time has never been better, nor the need more urgent, to pray for our country, to pray for the end of abortion, and to pray for a conversion in the hearts of our leaders to respect the sanctity of human life.

We believe in supporting, financially and prayerfully, the works of  pro-life organizations and ministries such as Several Sources, Good Counsel and Rachel’s Vineyard.

We believe in standing with our Pro-Life brothers and sisters, whether it be in prayerful vigils outside abortion clinics, particularly during 40 Days for Life, and by sponsoring a bus for the annual pilgrimage to Washington DC for the March for Life.

We endeavor to begin and maintain a respectful dialogue on the meaning of human dignity. We seek to educate and inform by offering speakers, programs, films, panels, and “The Truth Booth,” which bring the Truth about the sanctity and dignity of human life, to all our brothers and sisters.

We seek to raise awareness and create visibility through programs such as our annual rose sale, Life Runners, and marching in the Belmar St. Patrick’s Day Parade

We believe that we need to offer corporal and spiritual support for all the young mothers who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy, and for those who are suffering from the pain of abortion.

We believe that those who devote themselves to the protection of human life deserve to be recognized and celebrated at our annual Champion for Life dinner.

Our group meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm in the Convent at St. Catharine’s in Spring Lake.
For more information contact Steve Kenny    201-221-6497


JOIN US ON MAY 7th for the 100th Anniversary Ceremony for Our Lady of Fatima
It’s been one hundred years since the Blessed Mother appeared to the three children in that little Portuguese village of Fatima. In honor of Her centennial, we’ve planned a special ceremony to be held Sunday, May 7, 2017 outside St. Catharine Church at 1:00 PM, right after the noon Mass. The ceremony will be held at the Lady of Fatima statue/shrine directly across from the church.
Our Lady of Fatima first appeared to the children on May 13, 1917, when World War I was still raging. She appeared to the children several more times during that year, the last on October 13, 1917. Her message: Tell the people to pray for peace! To pray for the conversion of sinners! Pray especially the Rosary!
The program will include Fatima-themed music, a brief recitation of some of the dialogue between the children and the Blessed Mother, as we’ll as a reflection on Her promises to the children, the Miracle of Fatima, and what it means to us today.
So please mark your calendars. Come and hear. You’ll be glad you did. Sunday, May 7th, St. Catharine Church, outside at the Lady of Fatima statue at 1:00 PM, right after the noon Mass.
The ceremony is being coordinated by Mary’s Child Pro-Life Ministry, composed of the following six parishes: St. Catharine, St. Dennis, St. Elizabeth, St. Holy Innocents, St. Mark’s and St. Rose.

Mother’s Memorial Mass 

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